As I was sitting in my recliner last night, watching our Minnesota Twins go down to defeat once again to the Seattle Mariners (Sad, but that’s not what this is about.) I saw several times a new commercial from Burger King, for their new Texas Double Whopper.

The gist of the commercial is that it’s a “man’s” burger, that as a man, I don’t want any girly food, but I want what real men eat – MEAT! And lots of it! A whole big handful!

Now as if that isn’t bad enough in itself, the portrayal of the men in this commercial was a horrible stereotype. They show men to be big, tough, and violent. In one scene, while these men are singing about how great this new burger is, one fellow punches another in the gut, and in the next scene you see a whole group of men on top of a bridge, and they get ahold of one guy’s Chrysler minivan, hoist it up and toss it over the railing of the bridge onto a dump truck down below, destroying the minivan!

And the attitude was that this is just the way men are; these are real, normal men! Men are supposed to be tough and violent, right?


If you want to see a real man, take a look at Jesus Christ. Now there was a real man’s man!

I think Burger King should pull this commercial immediately and apologise to the American public for continuing that horrible stereotype and insulting our intelligence.