I figure I’ve checked the HCSB out enough now to give a relatively educated opinion of it. My brother Mike had asked some time ago, and I think on my earlier blog, what I thought of it, and at that time I hadn’t taken a real close look at it, so I couldn’t really give a good opinion, but I think now I have.

Theologically, I have found nothing wrong with it at all. And stylistically it’s very good. It’s clearly a “Bible” and not just some book that paraphrases what the Bible says. Too many of the newer translations these days seem to be like that.

Part of the problem I had with it originally was that it seemed to be an NIV that had been changed a little here and there to get around copyright problems, because the HCSB was intended to be a Bible that the SBC had control over and for which they didn’t need to pay exorbitant monies to Zondervan. But closer examination has shown me that the HCSB is a fine translation in its own right.

There has been talk that the English of the NIV is now outdated. I don’t really agree with that, but it’s true that it isn’t the way most people talk now. The HCSB does come closer to that standard, as far as I’m concerned. Whether that’s a good thing is, in my humble opinion, yet to be determined. It still bothers me the way, in Isaiah 53:1, they used a preposition to end a sentence with. But I have been reassured by an actual, real-live Bible translator that that is not only common and normal, but nowadays it’s actually considered proper grammar!

That being as it is, I have to include the HCSB on my list of the very finest (IMO) Bible translations out there, and I will and do recommend it to virtually anybody.

But as for me, I’m really, REALLY happy with my NASB.