I received my new, FREE, NASB MacArthur Study Bible yesterday. What a beautiful thing for the people at Grace to You to be giving away!

It’s a beautiful Bible, for a hardcover. The quality of both the cover and the printing is obvious, and the paper itself is very nice and smooth. The pages turn easily without sticking. I am very pleased.

But it’s not perfect. The print is a bit on the small side, while my eyeballs are better tuned to print on the large side. But hey, it’s free! I don’t care too much for the paper cover on the outside, but it seems to be quite heavy-duty, and should protect the Bible for quite some time. And I also found one place where there seems to be some paper, kind of “bunched up” at the bottom between two pages. It doesn’t look very nice, but I don’t see that it’s going to be a problem reading those pages. That’s not the kind of defect I’m used to seeing in a Nelson Bible, but like I said, it’s free!

So it’s not perfect. But what a treasure there is when you open it up! You find the beautiful, transparent NASB translation teamed up with the magnificent MacArthur study notes! This has simply got to be one of the very finest study Bibles ever printed! I am going to be recommending this Bible very highly.

Now for quite some time I had figured that since I have a nice, leather NASB, and I also have a hardcover MacArthur Study Bible (NKJV), that I don’t need to spend any more money for the new NASB Jack Mack Bible. Well, I’m wrong. Leather is the only thing missing from this package to make it arguably the finest Study Bible money can buy.

Check it out!