Now how was I supposed to know that our very liberal bishop, here in very liberal Minnesota, would find and appoint an evangelical-minded pastor to our church?!

This sets up a problem for me. I have become so accustomed, over the last several years, to seeing our local pastor as part of what’s wrong with the United Methodist Church. Several pastors back, we had a mystic; and then a liberal who was really into Bible study and preached from the Bible with all his left-leaning theology; and then most recently we had our resident heretic who denied the most basic tenets of the Faith. Across the river, in another UM church was a pro-gay liberal who has led that church to become a “Reconciling Congregation”, code words for “Everybody’s welcome, believe what you want, and gays are the best!” The other UM church in town has a more evangelical-minded pastor, but he frustrated me because he was afraid to rock the boat. Here in Minnesota, I thought the UM pastors in general were so leftist and heretical that all I expected was just another liberal. I was all ready to leave the UMC after discovering our new pastor was a heretic, and then start a new, Wesleyan, Methodist-type church here in our fair valley so the rest of the Methodists who wanted to leave the UMC would have a place to go and still remain within the Wesleyan tradition.

But now I have a problem. I am very impressed with our new pastor! The atmosphere in the church has become almost revival-like! He preaches the Gospel and is working to advance God’s Kingdom! I love it! But now what do I do??? How could I leave this church that is my home?

Well, I’m staying, but I don’t want my money going to the greater UMC to help fund their anti-Christian and un-American programs. I must still speak out against those things. I still must speak out against the abuse of power and the rank heresy on the part of the Council of Bishops. I must still speak out against the liberal failure to give the Bible the authority which belongs to it. I still must speak out against the foolishness and lies of the progressives.

Maybe this time of positive events in the local church will give me a chance to find out better who is of like mind with me. With the old heretic, everybody was grumbling, but it was about different things. Maybe now we will find out who is unified, and how.