I was talking with my brother Mike on the previous post about a new program for men in the United Methodist Church, and I want to post an excerpt from the article I found about it:

‘Wesley men’

The church should be helping each man understand “how absolutely crucial his faith walk is” because it affects not just himself, but his marriage and his family, Malone said.

United Methodist Men wants to help men find a place in church, and more importantly, develop a sense of eternal significance, through a new partnership called Wesleyan Building Brothers, a one-year, small-group curriculum that will help move men toward what Malone calls “a full pursuit of God, who is adventuresome, powerful, loving – a Christ who is simply to be worshipped and fallen down before.”

United Methodists are seeking ways to make church significant again for American males, for whom worship services often feel like a “woman’s thing.”

Men will first work on maturing their own faith and growing toward Christ. But it doesn’t stop there. They will go on to become “spiritual fathers” by helping reproduce the Christian faith in someone else, and ultimately help that person reproduce the faith in others.

“Wesleyan Bands of Brothers” will be launched at 70-80 churches in the Tennessee Area and six to eight other areas before 2007. Eventually, some 1,000 men will be trained to help set up teams in every district so that by 2012, all 35,000 United Methodist congregations will have a Wesleyan Band of Brothers influencing their local church.

“This is a lifetime aspiration. This is different than just good, faithful men who attend church,” Malone said. “If it doesn’t take your breath away, if you don’t realize you need God to do this, then you didn’t get it.”

*Russell is the managing editor of the United Methodist Reporter in Dallas. This story was originally published in the Reporter. She may be reached at rrussell@umr.org.

I don’t know a whole lot about this, just what I read in the article. But I plan on finding out more. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, now that the Word is being preached in my church and it’s having an affect on the people. I’d love to see an effective UM Men’s club started there.