If you’ve been paying attention to national news, and in many cases even the local news, you’ve heard, I’m sure, the calls for the impeachment, and otherwise pilloring, of President G.W.Bush and his Republican administration on the part of Democrats,other liberals, and even some Republicans.

It seems these people know that the war on terror isn’t going well, and that we shouldn’t have gotten involved, and that we’d all be safer if we just pulled out of Iraq and everywhere else we are in the world and hunkered down here in our “Bunker America”. They know this because of course the liberals have been trumpeting the American Right to Know for many years. They think we have the right to know everything that’s going on in the world with our military, all the operations going on and where they are, exactly what they are doing. They think we have a Constitutional right to know all this. They think it’s written in our Constitution!

Well, they all need to go back to history class!

Back in WWII, in the first half of the 1940s, we were at war with another Axis of Evil. There was a saying back then that went, “Loose lips sink ships!” The idea was that if people weren’t careful what they said and who they said it to, it could result in great harm to our fighting men overseas. There was no talk about our right to know back then. It was understood by virtually everybody. It was very difficult to get much news from the “front”. Information was classified. Letters to home from our servicemen were censored so nobody could learn anything they weren’t supposed to know. Our military even used codes so the enemy wouldn’t be able to understand our communications.

Did you know that back during the Gulf War in the early 90’s, our military forces built up what appeared to be a mighty force of tanks and military personnel in one place in the desert that completely fooled our enemy? It was all cardboard cutouts and the like! The enemy was all ready for an attack from that location, and were caught way off guard when it came from another direction! And we beat them in a rout!

And you know, we had liberals in this country screaming that we weren’t fighting fair?!

People, you don’t have a right to know! We are in a great war against the terrorists! We must not allow them to know our plans! The safety of our fighting personnel, and of our country and our allies depends on secrecy!