Some years back, our local church offered an adult Sunday school class on the Lectionary, and it was regularly attended by 8 – 12 people, generally older women, but with a few younger people in the mix as well. I was the leader of the class, getting my feet wet in teaching adults.

A few years later I tired of the lectionary, which had meant teaching bits and pieces of scripture over again every three years. I wanted to get more in-depth, and concentrate more on just one book. So I began to teach a Bible study class on the Gospel of John. We have been greatly blessed by this study, by gaining deeper understanding of the Triune God, as well as bringing about a more intimate discussion with our class members, and most importantly we have seen the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through Bible study.

However, the class size has dwindled through the years.

Three years ago we fell from 6 or 7 regular members to 4, then 3, and now this year we have just myself and one young mom who are regulars, with a couple visitors.

It just seems to me that in a church of more than 500 members, we would be able to find at least a handful of people who are interested in in-depth Bible study. But people in our church seem much more likely to get involved in a beginners class. And I think that maybe that’s the result of too many years of no real Bible teaching in our church services. Now that we have a new pastor who holds to high Christology, and his wife is teaching a beginners class for adults, that class is quite full! And I’m thankful for that! It’s a step in the right directioin. It’s a beginning for those people.

But the church needs to be feeding those of us who are past that stage, those of us who are ready for the meat of the scriptures and not just the milk. And that’s why I do what I do.

But I’d sure like to see a few more members in my class. It’s hard to have a class when the only other member doesn’t show up!