This is something that has been on my mind more and more lately, that is, the idea that instead of the current age moving rapidly to the Second Coming of Christ, perhaps what we are seeing happening is merely the decay and death of western civilization.

Now before you get the idea that I’m backing off from the pre-trib Rapture, no, I still very strongly believe that is what will happen. I’m only wondering if maybe it’s farther in the future than we’ve been thinking.

Now it’s certainly true that the situation in the world seems to fit the timetable that the Scriptures prophesy, and it is my great hope that we will soon be caught up to be with the Lord. But throughout the past 2000 years the church has frequently believed they were in the end times. And He hasn’t returned yet, as much as the brethren have prayed and expected Him. I think that history means we have to consider the possibility that we could be wrong as well about His return in the very near future.

So then, what if this isn’t the time? What if it turns out that we will have another thousand years of history before He returns for us? What kind of time are we living in then? We are certainly seeing the decline, or the decay if you will, of western civilization. Europe has become a very secular society, and their liberal policies have resulted in a low birth rate, even to the point that they are not replacing themselves. More people are dying than are being born.

Here in the US we have watched our country become more and more secularized, God is being removed from so many facets of our lives; from our schools, from our jobs, and sadly enough even from many of our churches. We are no longer a Christian nation. Our morals have become weakened almost to the point of being non-existent. Our resolve in the world is weakened. Our military is deployed in hundreds of places around the world, but our people increasingly are divided about the correctness of our actions. We have basically no immigration policy; we are being overrun by foreigners looking for a better life, in many cases hoping to be able to live off our welfare system. Our social security system has been stretched to the breaking point; many of us will find it very difficult to retire in the future. Our medical system cannot hold up much longer as it is; we are now at the point where in many cases it’s simply too expensive to save a life.

We are easily at the point that Rome was when she fell. And I think we’re just holding on by our fingernails!

But look at the third world, Central & South America, Africa (The Lord is moving mightily in Africa. There are many millions of believers in those poor countries over there.); Asia is becoming powerful, China, Japan, Southeast Asia. I was told that Asia will probably be a place where much opposition to Israel will come from (as we see the army of 200,000,000 coming from the east in Bible prophesy).

And look at what’s trying to take the place of western civilization — Islam! Are we, you and I, spiritually ready to deal with wild-eyed, AK-47-toting Muslims with big knives looking to behead us and our families if we refuse to convert?

If our Lord returns soon to take us home, the world will certainly be in for dark days. But if we’re wrong and the time is not yet, the world is still in for dark days, it seems.

As believers, we have to live our lives looking up, waiting expectantly for the Lord’s return. We are not of the world, but until Jesus comes back, we’re in the world, no matter how dark it gets. And as dark as the world may get, let us always remember that we are children of the Light, that we are of the Light as He is of the Light, and as long as we live in this darkening world, we have to let that Light shine!