What is Belgrade to me? Is it that beautiful architecture that makes up the sanctuary area of the building? Is it the Sunday school classes with my dad, Gary? Is it drinking coffee and eating donuts in the Fellowship Hall? Is it the celebrations held in the Fireside Room? Is it seeing my son light up when he sees all the toys in the Nursery? Belgrade is all these things and more. It’s a place where God’s people can come to listen to Pastor Bart preach what the Gospel has to say. It’s a place where we can come to worship the Lord and teach our children the importance of belief in God. Is it a social club? Only in the sense that we are all God’s children and therefore part of the community of believers in Christ. Belgrade is not the church, the people, the believers are the church. Belgrade allows us to fellowship together. My first recollection of being at Belgrade was when I was little, I can’t remember the age but I remember running around the halls of the Sunday school areas and offices, only to nearly trip up the then Pastor Loren Grage. Loren stopped me and asked if I was having fun exploring. I nodded, we both smiled and I continued on my way. There were many Sundays spent in the classrooms of the Sunday school wings learning about Jesus and what he had done and how much he loved me, even when I misbehaved. Sorry to all the Pastors about this next one. I remember several Sundays sitting in the pews as a teenager listening and sometimes sleeping during the sometimes lengthy sermons. I remember going through the confirmation experience, remembering my baptism and being grateful that my parents had made the right choice in being Christian and bringing me up Christian. I remember 3 other events most vividly though. My wedding to my wife of nearly 9 years, Jodi. And the baptisms of my two beautiful children Hailey and Ethan. Through all this Belgrade was there and so were the people of God. These are but a handful of my memories of Belgrade and God willing there are many more wonderful memories to come. Feel free to post your favorite memory of Belgrade in the comments.