I was perusing the UCMPage discussion board this afternoon, and caught the following exchange between a couple of the members who were discussing current pro-homosexual activities going on in the UMC, apparently with the blessing of the church, and comparing it with the current state of affairs in the Anglican Communion.

First member: “I daresay that the Anglican Communion isn’t much better, James. There are parts of it, as in United Methodism, that are. As a whole, I’m dubious.”

Second member: “But there are godly bishops in the Anglican Communion who are dealing with the problem, and they preside over autonomous provinces in which such problems do not exist. The same cannot be said for the UMC. There are no autonomous annual conferences and the bishops are a groupspeak collective who sacrifice integrity at the altar of “tolerance” and “diversity.””

I think the second member makes a very good point.