Over in my sidebar you may have noticed the ClusterMaps display, a little world map that shows all the visits to my blog over the past 13 months since I put that on my blog. Click on it and you will find a couple larger displays where you can see it in more detail.

Well, I started noticing some new red dots showing up on that map in recent weeks – lots in the USA and Canada, but also over in Britain and northern Europe; looks like one in Rome, one in India, several in Australia, SE Asia; and a fairly large dot on Taiwan (which I assume is my friend Kevin Sam on his summer-long trip).

The display says “1,173 visits” since June 6, 2006.

Why would people have been interested enough in what I have to say to have visited “A Friend of Christ” that many times?

As my title says, I am amazed, and humbled by that knowledge.

It kinda makes one want to make sure he says something really important! 😉

Well, all I can do is continue to strive to be a faithful witness for my Lord Jesus. To Him goes all the glory.