Last night I watched the home run derby from the Giants ballpark in San Francisco. It was fun, as it always is. And it was good to see our own representative, Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins, make a good showing. Five home runs in the derby isn’t bad. (Four in the first round and one in a tie-breaker.)I’ve seen some great home run hitters fall flat on their face in that contest.

And I would imagine that tonight I will plop down in front of the big glowing box and watch the All-Star Game. It’s fun. That’s about it. The power moguls of baseball have tried to inject some importance into the game by making the results determine which team will have the “home field advantage” in the World Series.

I suppose that’s a good marketing idea, but as far as baseball is concerned, it’s kinda silly.

If they really wanted to inject some importance into the game, they should make it a real all-star game, where the very best players, selected by their peers, would play to try and discover who is better.

But since it’s all about money anyway, the powers-that-be decided the fans should vote for their favorites. It doesn’t matter how good they are (or not), the important thing is that the fans would get to see the most popular players, their favorites, play an exhibition game. It would be fun, a lot of money would be raised by the MLB and the advertisers, and it would just be a nice break in the MLB season. And that’s really all it is.

So vote for your favorites, or don’t vote. It doesn’t matter much. And enjoy the game tonight…or don’t watch. That doesn’t matter much either.

The real baseball season will start up again on Thursday.