We’re rapidly approaching our Sunday School year once again, and I want to remind you that it’s not just for kids, you know. At Belgrade we have had quite a number of adult classes over the years, and one that’s continuing is our Bible Study of the Gospel of John.

You may be aware that we’ve been studying John for about three years now. I am pleased to report that in September we will begin chapter 17, with a total of five chapters to study before we come to the end.

If you’re wondering how we’ve managed to study John for three years and still have five chapters left, well, it’s a matter of going slowly, going deeply, and not worrying about how much time we’re taking. The study of John is an adult undertaking, and we’re doing it because we want to drink deeply of the Word of God, and learn what great Truths the Lord has for us. Sure, we could do a quick little overview, a six-week course. But if we did that, we would only skim the surface. And I for one don’t want to be just a “surface” Christian.

Our class has dwindled in size over the years, and I think that’s because a lot of people don’t want to make the commitment to a deep Bible study. But the very few of us who are continuing can attest to the fact that our discussions at this level are very good and intimate, which is a major advantage when we are really studying the Holy Scriptures. John is a powerful gospel, and touches us deeply into our souls.

The method I have been using in leading this class is to read our passage every Sunday, then I take the Bible Gateway commentary on John which I get from the Bible Gateway website, and I read the commentary and we discuss it as we go along. This has led us slowly, but deeply, through the Gospel.

I admit that this is not a beginner’s Bible study class. If that’s what you desire, we frequently have such classes in our church. But if you’re tired of just drinking the milk and want to sink your spiritual teeth into the meat of the Bible, our study of the Gospel of John may be just what you’re looking for. We’re only at chapter seventeen, and there are twenty-one chapters in John, so there’s plenty of time left to join in. You’re bound to get something out of it. Come and join us on Sunday mornings. It may be the drink of Living Water you’ve been looking for!