As many of you know, I have been teaching adult Bible study classes at Belgrade for quite a number of years. I have taught from a book, I have taught from the Lectionary, but mostly I have taught using the Bible and a commentary. Much of the time, my class has been the only adult Sunday School class available.

Like most churches, we at Belgrade have a Sunday School program for the children, and it’s very well organized for the kids from pre-school through sixth grade; a little less so for the junior and senior high youth. But for adults, it has been pretty much hit-and-miss. We have usually had one main class, and for many years it has been the one I have led, whether it be the Lectionary study or a study of a particular book of the Bible. There have occasionally been attempts at a beginners-type study; the current one led by Claudia being probably the most successful. Many of the occasional classes have been “book” studies, not Bible studies. (For some reason, our church shies away from actually studying the Bible.)

Now we have that good program for our kids, but why don’t we have a good, organized program for adults? Is it because we adults know all there is to know about the Bible, and God, and Jesus Christ? Is it because we have been confirmed, and now we don’t need to study any more?

Oh, what a sad state of affairs! I won’t even comment on that!

I have been thinking these last few days that what we need at Belgrade is a committee in charge of adult Bible studies and Sunday School classes. Supposedly the Discipleship committee was to have oversight of this, but that ball was dropped many years ago.

I’m not suggesting that we set up a group that would control everything and decide what would be taught and by whom. No, I’m only suggesting we have a committee and chairperson who would exercise some oversight and be able to organize things, and maybe be able to order materials and such; kind of a clearinghouse for adult studies in our church.

Would it make a difference in our church? Would there be adults who would want to be in a Sunday School class while the kids are in theirs?

Or would it be the same ol’ same ol’?

What if they held a class, and nobody came?