Did you read my last post?

It may have given you the idea that I’m pretty much NASB-Only now. (Is there such a thing?) It seems to me that whenever I go out on a limb and say something definitive, something I try to sound positive about, almost immediately I end up cutting that flag down.

The fact is, I love the NASB, but it’s not an easy thing to use that translation and that translation only. I guess if it’s the only version you know it’s probably an easy thing – you don’t know any better.

Well, I go reading along and come to something that seems a little obscure, so what do I do? The first thing I do is check out the same passage in a different translation. Don’t you?

So over the weekend I found myself going back and forth between the NASB and the TNIV, as I read through Acts. The TNIV helped me understand some things in the NASB, and the NASB cleared up some things in the TNIV. And it may sound trite, but more and more I am amazed by the accuracy of the TNIV when compared with the NASB. The comparison is really surprisingly favorable towards the TNIV. The committee has done an amazing job in clearing up the translation errors that were in the NIV, so now the TNIV impresses me as having the accuracy of the NASB with the easy-readability of the NIV – the best of both worlds!

So I’m absolutely, positively, going to recommend the TNIV and will use it as my main Bible … until I get a little confused by a passage and pick up my NASB again!