I was reading another blog yesterday, and saw they had a box that said the reading level of that blog was Junior High. They were talking about it and were joking that so-and-so’s blog was rated at an elementary level. Now these guys are Bible scholars and translators with Master’s degrees and Doctorates. I saw that a few other blogs that I usually read also had ratings of High School or lower, which I thought was kind of strange, so I clicked on the link at the bottom of the box and entered the address of my own blog, “A Friend of Christ”. In a few moments, it gave my blog the rating of “College, post-grad”.

I was dumbfounded! I’m just a layman with a high school diploma who enjoys writing. How on earth did I get that rating???

Then I got to thinking; maybe the criteria they use depends on such things as long words and complex sentences, both of which I tend to use frequently. (That probably comes from long hours of studying Paul’s letters in the NASB!) It also occurred to me that maybe it means I should learn to simplify the way I write. Maybe I write in a way that’s too difficult for most people to understand easily.

Then I got a message from a blogger friend of mine, who said not to feel badly, his blog rated at a genius level! So I wrote him back and said, “I can understand your blog just fine! Does that mean I’m a genius, too?”

So anyway, I don’t think anybody in the blogosphere is taking this too seriously. Incidentally, this blog, as you can see below, rated at a High School reading level.

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