Here’s the one I was telling you about.

A few days ago I had some time in the early afternoon, so I went to Barnes & Noble to see what they had for ESV Bibles. They had Thinline and Compact ESVs, and a couple hardcover large print ones as well, but I was looking for NuTone or leather. Their prices were also full retail, and I don’t buy from them enough to make it worth the $25 membership fee. Besides, the Thinline type-size was smaller than I felt comfortable with, and the compacts – forget it!

So I drove down the street a ways to our local Christian Book store. They had everything B&N had, plus they had several of the new wide-margin ESVs in bonded, leather and genuine leather, and I took a look at the inside of ne of them and fount it, too was too small for these old eyes. Besides, I’m not one to write in my Bibles. And I was surprised to see they didn’t have any of the “Classic Reference Bibles” that I thought ESV was so big on. Maybe they were just sold out.

Well, right next to the wide-margin ESVs I noticed a slightly larger box. Here was one copy of the new Single Column Reference Bible, TruTone cover, for $54.99 (full retail price). I had read about it; I had seen text samples of it; now here was the opportunity to look at a real one.

I took it out of the box. Black, soft, flexible, very nice! I could hardly believe it wasn’t real calfskin! They are really starting to work wonders with synthetic materials nowadays!

I opened it up; the first thing I noticed was the verse system instead of paragraphs. I generally prefer the paragraph set-up, but I do like the way the verse set-up gives more white space between the lines, and makes for easier reading of the slightly-small text. (The text is 10-pt. by the way.) The text is in a single column on the page, with a line around three sides of it which divides it off from the cross-references, which are in a column down the inside of the page, towards the spine. The text and translators notes are across the bottom of the page.

The text sits in the center of a well-proportioned page. The margins are wide, but not so wade as to make a non-note-taker like me uncomfortable. The text column is made up of large-enough text that it’s easy to read and not too difficult to find the next line of text when you come to the end of the line on the right. It actually makes for a very attractive page. And with the 10-pt. text size, the 21 pound paper, and the calfskin-like TruTone cover, I found it to be a very nice, attractive Bible, if a little large at 6.5 X 9.25 inches, and probably 1 1/2 inches thick or more.

But I’m not going to pay $54.99 for it! No way! It can be had for far less at places like, Christian Book Distributors, and Amazon. I found Amazon lists it for almost $2 more than Evangelical Bible, at $34.64, but when you factor in the shipping cost, it’s actually less at Amazon because of the free shipping special they have.

So that’s the Bible I plan on ordering in the very near future. It’s a good one! It’s worth looking into, if you’re interested in really nice Bibles at a very nice price.