You see the changes being made here? I just got tired of it the way it was, that’s all. I needed to freshen things up a bit. Besides, I’ve been using so much blue for so long that I needed a break from it for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blue! It’s my favorite color. A lot of my clothes are blue, including the uniforms I wear for work. My white work van has bright blue lettering on it. If I have a color choice in just about anything, I’ll nearly always go for blue.

But there comes a time when you get sick of blue all the time. So I started looking at the other templates Blogger has available, and when I saw this one I thought it looked pretty neat, if maybe a little dull, color-wise. But when I looked at it with my new picture at the top, I was sold! I think it looks great! And even without that neat picture, if you look at the detailing down the sidebar, it’s really pretty classy!

So I’m gonna use this one for a while … until I get tired of it, too!