Belgrade always takes part in Crop Walk, a fund-raising organization that provides food for the hungry overseas. We try to get as many people to participate in the walk as possible, and the rest of the people pledge money in support of the walkers. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of similar programs as well.

A few weeks ago Pastor Bart issued a challenge to see if the kids, or the adults, in our church could raise the most money for Crop Walk. And whichever group raised the most money could decide what should be done with Pastor Bart’s hair!

Well, when the walk was over and the money was counted up, it was close, but the adults won. More importantly, our church raised over $2000 to help feed hungry people around the world.

So it was decided that Bart’s hair would be cut, right there in church, into a Mohawk and dyed red! Bart was a very good sport about it all, knowing his hair would grow back, and it was a worthy cause … and yesterday was the day that was ordained for this haircut to take place.

Well, my wife brought a camera and took a “before” photo of Bart before church started, and she was going to get an “after” photo when the deed was done. We proceeded through the service, hearing occasional references to the upcoming haircut event, particularly during the children’s sermon. It had been decided that this would take place during the final hymn, and so when we were taking up the offering, Bart left for a moment to take off his robe, and returned in his shirtsleeves. Then someone handed him a note that said something to this effect: “I have donated another $2000 to match what had already been donated, in order that you will not have to get this haircut today.”

What a surprise! Someone felt very generous! Or maybe they just didn’t feel a pastor should go through that kind of indignity right there in the church service.

Anyway, Bart didn’t get his red Mohawk haircut!

However … he said that if the church will raise yet another $2000, making a total of $6000, he will get it done in church in a few weeks!

Stay tuned to see how this drama unfolds!