A couple days ago I received in the e-mail a message from a group of people in Nigeria asking for something …no, not money … they asked for Bibles … King James Bibles, of all things!

I’m used to seeing spam messages from Nigeria asking for money in some way or another; typical Nigerian scams. But when I saw they wanted Bibles, it caught my attention. Something about the message touched me, and so I forwarded it to a friend who is engaged in a ministry of giving Bibles to people around the world who need them. He decided to go with my heart and will be sending a few KJV Bibles to this group in Nigeria.

[UPDATE – This has been shown to be a scam. We have stopped the sending of Bibles to these people.]

But what intrigues me about this request is the fact that they asked specifically for KJV Bibles, English Bibles. It just seems to me that people in a foreign land like Nigeria would want to have Bibles in their native language. Is the Bible not available in their language yet? Perhaps some of my Bible translator friends out there would like to discuss why these people would ask specifically for the KJV.