Before I move on to the other translations I will be reviewing, I’d like to take a few moments to relax and say a few things that don’t seem to fit in these reviews.

First of all, I am disappointed that my post regarding the ESV caused so much commotion. As most of us know, the debate about the ESV and a few other translations has been hashed and rehashed, and I was really hoping that I could avoid riling everybody up about it once again. Much of it was my own fault, because I got off the track of just giving my own impressions and started talking beyond my own knowledge and experience, and for that I apologize. I thank Rick Mansfield for taking up the “fight” at a point when my own lack of education left me waffling and giving in on things I have become quite convinced about, but am unable to defend very well. This is why I feel I should stick with what I know, and not go too far out on the limb and start thinking of myself as some kind of expert on Bible translations. That’s when I get myself in trouble, and rightly so. I have no business portraying myself as such.

Secondly, the translations I will be reviewing from here on out are a few which are not in the Tyndale tradition. These are Bibles which I use, or have at least a little experience with. I see no reason to stick my neck out and try to speak to translations I never use.

So next in line will be the NIV and TNIV. I am thinking of combining these two into one post, but we’ll see. Following that will be one or two posts about the HCSB and the NLTse. Beyond that there really isn’t much I can say, except for maybe the NET Bible. I don’t own the NET in printed form, but I have used the online version quite a bit in my own Bible study, so I may decide to include it in my “impressions”.

Finally, I am thinking of changing directions once I finish this series. Obviously, the different Bible translations are a big interest for me, but I have to admit I am getting quite burned out from writing about them all the time. I will continue reading the other biblioblogs, and commenting on them at times just as I have been for the past couple years or so. I’ll be around. I have no intention of leaving my blogging friends behind. But what direction my blogging will take I don’t know as yet. I may concentrate on one area, or I may just be all over the map! But I will enter into a time of prayer, seeking the Lord’s guidance for this blog. After all, I don’t call it A Friend of Christ for nothing!