I’ll get back to my impressions in a few seconds. I just want to say that the interview with Ed Blom, general editor of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, at Will Lee’s blog Anwoth, has me suddenly excited about the prospects for the HCSB, or maybe I should just call it the CSB?

At the risk of ruining my upcoming “Impressions” entry on the HCSB, let me say that while I like the HCSB translation, I have long been a little concerned … well, more than a little concerned … about the common perception on the part of many people that the HCSB is a “Baptist” Bible. As one who has spent some time in recent years in discussions with United Methodist (and former UM) pastors and theologians here on the internet, I have become painfully aware of the contempt in which Baptists are frequently held by those people. It is certainly unfortunate, but I have seen them haughtily look down their noses at anyone of Baptist persuasion, and any Methodist who would dare to carry and actually use a “Baptist” Bible would be considered a traitor to the Faith.

I am pleased to say that Dr. Blom has put most of that concern to rest in the interview. I have long been aware that the HCSB was not a Baptist Bible, but that a great many of the translators and editors are from other denominations, one of whom I had become personally acquainted with on a Methodist discussion board. That’s right, he’s a United Methodist! And I don’t think he’s the only one on the translation team (though I could be wrong).

I think some of the best news I saw in the interview was that the HCSB will be basically phasing out the “H” and will probably soon be known as the CSB. That will lessen the chances of its perception as a “Baptist” Bible … I think.

Anyway, this has put an even more positive spin on my upcoming “Impressions” of the HCSB.

Now back to the interlude!