If you’ve read this blog over the past 16 hours or so, you have seen quite a bit of change happen here. I got really tired of the template I was using, particularly the colors. So last night instead of going to bed when I should have, I sat in the living room with my laptop and tried all the different templates that Blogger makes available to us. I wasn’t satisfied by the time I gave in and went to bed, and I laid there tossing and turning as the visions of how my blog could look rambled through my head. By the time I fell asleep, I finally had a pretty good idea of how I wanted this place to look.

I got up in the morning and sat down with my laptop before leaving for work and got it laid out. What you see here now is mostly the way it will be when I get done; I only have a few more changes/additions I want to make.

The picture under the header is now gone. I liked it, but I was never happy with the way it didn’t match certain other features here. I may use that picture again, but I may also make some minor changes to it to make it fit in better. I may also find some other picture I like better, and I may also try to learn a bit more about html and make some big improvement in the appearance of … whatever picture I decide to use.

I know some time ago I said I was tired of blue. Well, I’m not any more. Now I’m tired of gray and black. I’ve been wearing gray and black to church a lot lately; even my winter coat is gray and black, and I’ve been carrying black Bibles to church a lot lately, too! I noticed my appearance in a mirror at church last Sunday, and I was struck with how gaunt I look in all that gray and black. I looked like I should be laying in a casket! Minnesota winters can be gray enough without that! So I have vowed to put more color into my life, and my blog, and the way I look. I know this blog still isn’t too colorful, so I may find some colorful photos to brighten up the place.

And as long as I’m speaking of my appearance, if you were here a couple hours ago, you had the rare opportunity to get a gander at my silly mug! I put my picture on my profile, (actually a photo of me taken at a class reunion about six or seven years ago) and of course it shows up here on this blog as well. But I don’t like having my own face staring me in the face! So I deleted it. Besides, I didn’t want my wife to just happen to see it sometime when I’m sitting doing my blogging in the living room some evening. My gosh, she would throw a fit just seeing that I use my real name on the blog, to say nothing of putting my picture here, too! She’s very paranoid about computers and the internet, so just to keep my happy home, I’ll leave my picture off the blog. If you want to know what I look like, just picture a fat, balding, graying, 55-year-old guy, and you’ll be pretty close!

Anyway. I guess that’s enough of this light-hearted shilly-shally. I’ll get back to my “Impressions” series in just a few moments. (Sorry for the interruption.)