I was going to write a post on the NLTse, but the fact is that I just haven’t read it enough to speak knowledgeably about it. I can tell you I’ve been very impressed by its rendering of Isaiah 53. At the same time, I always feel like the English in the NLTse is over-simplified. But I don’t own one; I don’t use it hardly at all, and I just don’t know enough about it. So don’t come to me for a knowledgeable impression of it.

I have spent some time online with the NET Bible, enough to know I’m not wild about the translation itself, but am very impressed with the study notes. In themselves it makes the NET Bible First Edition an excellent study Bible. However, the printed version is impractical for me, since the massive amounts of notes makes it necessary to print them in such small type that I would find it very difficult to read. And to make the printed NET Bible in big enough type would require it to be such a large Bible that I wouldn’t want to tote it around anywhere. It would probably be so heavy as to be painful to hold it for any length of time. So I will be content to use the NET Bible on the computer.

There are numerous other translations out there, the Good News Translation, the CEV, the New Century Version, the Catholic versions, God’s Word, and many more; but I just don’t have the experience with them to write any kind of recommendations either way.

So I thank you all for reading and participating in this series. I hope I may have provided you with some food for thought here and there. And now I’ll move on to other things.