Word has come recently that there will soon be an ESV MacArthur Study Bible on the market. That’s fine. I suppose it would be a good thing to have such a study Bible in quite a number of different translations, so people could use the translation of their choice and still have the study notes. It’s a good idea.

The good folks at John MacArthur’s organization, “Grace to You”, are very conscientious about Bible translations. They want to make sure the Bible they are selling uses only the best, most-accepted translations. Their first study Bibles were in the New King James; the current favorite is the NASB 95 update; and now comes word of the upcoming ESV. I think that’s great. The ESV is a fine translation, widely used and accepted.

In that same spirit then, I would like to recommend to our friends at Grace to You, that the next version they bring out should be in the Holman CSB. The Christian Standard Bible combines the excellent, literal accuracy of the other three translations with the easy-readability of the NIV (another translation that their organization has long recommended). I have been extremely impressed with the Holman as I have been reading through it lately, and have been using it often in my study for the past year or so. Every single person I have talked with, who has seriously tried the HCSB for a period of time, has been very impressed and most have taken on the HCSB as their main Bible.

I think that GTY could do far worse than to give us a fine MacArthur Study Bible in the Holman CSB translation. They’d sell a lot of them, and satisfy a lot of people, including me!