UPDATE! This execution has been stayed! See above post.

Yeah, this is it.

Due to a change in my family life and the resulting cut-back in my computer time, I have decided that the time has come to shut down “A Friend of Christ”.

I’m not going to be completely gone from the blogs, I don’t think, but I won’t be doing this one any more. My friends will still see me pop up with a comment now and then on their blogs.

At first, when it became clear to me that I wouldn’t have the time to do two blogs, I thought it was a slam-dunk, that this one would stay and my church blog would go. But the more I think abut it, the more I’m convinced that I’ve done what I want to do with this blog, and its time is over. But as far as that goes, my church blog isn’t completely safe either. I have a few loyal readers there, and there are a couple things I still want to try to do there, which may increase the readership and fulfill my hopes and dreams for that blog.

So as of this coming Monday, April 21, I will be deleting this blog. I don’t want it hanging around, and I don’t think there is really anything of great and lasting value here.

To my friends whom I have met here in blogdom, I thank you for the friendship and the many things I have learned from you. I won’t forget you!

Farewell! May the Lord richly bless you all!