Yesterday as I was getting dressed for church, I happened to catch a few minutes of Barack Obama on Fox News, being interviewed by Christ Wallace. Mr. Wallace asked the senator to what would he attribute a loss in the election, if in fact Sen. Obama does lose. Without hesitation Sen. Obama stated that if he should lose the election, it would be because he didn’t communicate his message as well as he would have liked.

Do you notice anything peculiar about that response? Sure, it seems that Sen. Obama is taking all the responsibility upon his own back for any failure of his campaign. At least he understands that old Trumanism, “The buck stops here!”

But I can’t help but notice one serious problem with what he said. He assumes that if everybody heard his message and understood it, they would agree with him. So all he really needs to do is communicate his message well, and he’s a shoo-in for the White House.

Well, I beg to differ. I think the Senator has communicated his message very well. And I, along with many other American citizens, reject that message.

It seems the Senator has that affliction so common among the liberal Democrats, the inability to believe, or even accept the possibility that, they could be wrong. Those millions of voters out there who vote for his opponent, they just don’t understand his message. He needs to say it more and more and clearer and clearer.

Well, I also heard Sen. Obama say something else yesterday. He said something to the effect that Americans want a president who will solve all our problems; and what’s more, he seems to think he can do that!

So then, since when have Americans believed the President of the United States is there for the purpose of solving all the country’s problems?

Well, maybe that’s one of our worst problems!

We’ve taken our eyes off the Lord Jesus for too many years, and instead look to mere human beings to solve the world’s problems. That’s an attitude that will have to change.