1 a: a sudden, impulsive, and seemingly unmotivated notion or action b: a sudden usually unpredictable condition, change, or series of changes
2: a disposition to do things impulsively

That’s the way I’ve been feeling lately, with regards to the many and varied Bible translations available to speakers of the English language today.

Most recently, I was telling you I had “come home” to the NKJV. What I haven’t told you yet is that I have rather quickly become somewhat disenchanted with the NKJV, due to its tendency to use archaic language and my own difficulty understanding it. Also, its use of the Textus Receptus was not exactly what I like, and I also found some muddy interpretive renderings that I think are much clearer in the NU texts.

So I began once again to look through the other translations which I have examined before. I seem to be settling in with the NASB once again, but supplementing it with the TNIV and others. I’m using the NASB as a baseline translation with which to compare others, and the TNIV is great for the more relaxed reading. I’m contemplating getting a NLTse to go along with those two.

I feel badly that I tend to make such big, authoritative statements that I’m going to use such and such a translation from now on, and then I go back on what I have said. I just seem to jump around, using whatever version feels good at the time. How can I ever be any kind of authority on translations by doing that? My opinions change too much and too quickly.

So I’ll just continue reading what I have, and finding new ones from time to time as well. And whether you value my opinion or not, let me know when I’m off base, OK?