Last Friday I arrived home after work, and my daughter greeted me with, “There’s a small package that was just delivered for you. It looks like a book.”

This didn’t surprise me much, since I am on John MacArthur’s mailing list, and I frequently receive his books in the mail.

But when I saw it, I said this isn’t from MacArthur. It was way too big to be one of his books, unless it was a MacArthur Study Bible, which I had not ordered either. Besides, this package said it was from Tyndale House Publishers.

This didn’t make sense. I had sent out an e-mail message to Laura Bartlett of Tyndale when she had posted on their blog that she had a few NLT Study Bibles to give away for review, saying I was interested in getting one, but I hadn’t seen her post for a couple days after she posted it and I didn’t think I would get one. Sure enough, a few days later she sent me a reply, saying “Sorry, you were too late. They’re all gone.”

But what else could the package be? It was certainly the right size, and it was from Tyndale.

I opened it up, and there it was, all red, with that big gold circle containing the words, “NLT Study Bible.” And I thought, “Oh, my gosh!” I hadn’t expected this. I had written it off. I was getting into the NET Bible, as you can see by my most recent post. I figured maybe later on I might pick up a hardcover NLTSB, just to see what it’s like, but this caught me off guard. All I can figure is they must have found another one, somewhere, and sent it off to me.

Well, I dove into it that evening, looking over all the features, the articles, introductions, study notes, and so on. They have really done a very nice job with this new study Bible. But I have not yet had the opportunity to look extensively enough at it to do a review on it yet. So that will be coming in the near future.

This is also the first time I have a real opportunity to use, really use, the NLTse text. Sure, I have looked at it online, and have formed some impressions of it, but like my younger brother told me once, you can’t really get a good feel for a Bible translation unless you actually hold it in your hands. Now I know I read more into that than he ever intended, but I have found that in my case I really need to have a printed version of a Bible to use any time of the day, to open to whatever passages the Spirit leads me to, and read. It’s so much different than reading online, even though you may be reading the same text.

Anyway, at this point I have completely switched my Bible reading and study over to the NLTSB as my main Bible in order to really get a thorough impression of both the Study Bible and the NLTse text, and I will report on my findings in a post (or posts) in the near future.

(And thank you so much, Laura, for the new NLT Study Bible!)