I enjoy Chinese food, I really do! It gives me a nice, light lunch here at work when I don’t want to get loaded down by some heavy burger or spicy tacos. Today I had some sweet & sour chicken and fried rice from a nearby Chinese restaurant while sitting here at the shop computer. And of course, for dessert I had the usual Chinese fortune cookie! (I know they’re not really Chinese, but I still get a kick out of them.)

I only read them for fun, and they’re usually pretty silly, usually saying I will soon become rich in one way or another. But today, as I ate the yellow rice cookie, I read my fortune, and it said, “You have the wisdom of the ages at your disposal.”

And you know, it was exactly right! All of us who are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and are guided by the Holy Spirit, really do have the wisdom of the ages at our disposal! It’s all right here in my Bible!

Praise the Lord!