Late last week I was writing how I was having problems with the sentence structure in the NLT in Paul’s epistles. I said the NLT was choppy, and I was starting to lean strongly towards the NIV/TNIV because I thought it was better in that area.

Well, I still think the NIV/TNIV is better in that area. -But- I am finding I like the clarity of the NLT better. As I continued to read past the prologue of Romans and through the letter, I was very impressed at how well it is translated and how well the folks at Tyndale have brought out the meaning in difficult passages. And with the study helps in the NLT Study Bible it’s amazingly even more clear and understandable. I think the NLTSB is one of the best new Bibles to come along in years!

Yesterday I went to teach my Sunday School class with my NIV Study Bible in hand. But when I got into the passage for the day (Ex.16:2-15) I found myself unhappy with what I had before me. I was missing something. There were a couple notes I had found in the NLTSB that contained a couple points I wanted to make, and those points were not in the NIV.

When I went home I was moved to once again pick up my NLTSB and start looking through it and reading here and there, and I said, “This is it. This is what I was missing.” So I’m going back to the NLTSB for my class and for my own study. I’m not closing my mind to other translations, but I’m back with the NLT.