Some of you may be interested to know about the little picture of a dog which has suddenly appeared on my blog, over there on the right side under the heading “About the Blogger”.

It’s not a picture of me, as you might think, since it appears next to my name. No, this little girl is named Kiwi. She is a 6-year-old toy fox terrier that we adopted three years ago. At that time my wife was working at a local convent as a receptionist/switchboard operator.

One night their security guard came in and told her he was moving to an apartment complex where he couldn’t have pets, and wanted to know if we were interested in taking his little dog. He knew my wife well enough to know Kiwi would have a good, loving home in which to live, and for some strange reason my wife said yes. I say strange because up until that time we had agreed that we weren’t interested in any pets, especially dogs that shed all over everything. But she did say yes, and so Kiwi came into our home.

I have rarely met a more well-behaved dog! She was trained when we got her to go outside to “do her thing”, and the only times she has not made it were real “accidents.” She is very affectionate, and rarely barks unless she perceives a threat to our home/her territory, like other dogs, cats, and bad people. (Bad people are defined as anybody who knocks on the door.) When our grandkids came to visit she was very wary around them, even seeing them as threats and we had to cage her up the first time they visited us after we got her, because she tried to bite them (in self defense). Since then she has gotten somewhat used to their presence and even treats the older one as a friend, but is still wary when the younger one comes near. And she’s learning who is family; who is OK and who she should be barking at.

Kiwi enjoys her food, much as I do. Only she’s quite a bit different than me, because unlike me, when she gets her food, she takes a mouthful out of her dish, and carries it into the living room where she drops it onto the carpet before eating it. (I can’t say that I’ve ever tried it. Maybe it’s good.)

Kiwi is also afraid of loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks. (We live only a couple blocks from the college stadium where they shoot off the fireworks on the 4th of July.) Her favorite shelter from those noises is under our bed. And she’s so fat she can barely squeeze under it! That’s also her preferred place to sleep at night, right there underneath us!

In the past we didn’t trust her when we were gone to work and school during the day, and so we locked her in a small kennel inside our house. She still considers that kennel to be her “special doggie place.” But this past spring we started leaving her out to roam the house when we were gone, and she proved to us that she can be trusted, and so for the past several months she has not been confined. I think she’s finally starting to get the idea when we leave in the morning, that she doesn’t have to go in her kennel. Instead she just sits there and looks sad that we’re leaving. But boy, watch the excitement when we come home!

And I haven’t even told you how much she enjoys playing with a tennis ball! She’ll chase it down the hall and into the bathroom! Throw it straight up in the air and she’ll come running in to make the catch! And do I ever get a dirty look when I hide it from her, or pretend to lose it! But her greatest joy is to take the ball outside and chase after it!

I’m sure she has a few other idiosyncracies that I have forgotten to mention. She is a real character! She’s also loyal and lovable. I’m glad God has blessed us with her for a few years.

Oh, by the way, if you’re wondering why I’m using a picture of Kiwi instead of a picture of me…she’s cuter!