Just a little heads-up for those of you who enjoy finding new blogs to read: I’ve added about a dozen or so new blogs under the heading of “Other Blogs of Interest” as well as Pastor Bart’s new blog, “Walks to Remember” and Claudia Fletcher’s blog “.Never a Dull Moment” under the Belgrade Blogroll heading.

These blogs are all blogs that I have been reading lately; they are all Christian or Bible-themed blogs; not all United Methodist, but interesting nonetheless.

We now have the facetious “A Little Leaven” at the top of the list, and new friends like “Bryon’s Weblog”, “Castle of Nutshells” from Damian Caruana, and “Christian Monthly Standard”. There’s “Discipulus Scripturae” from my new friend Nathan Stitt (Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it. I can’t either.) followed by “Dr. Mellow” from Greg Cohoon. Then there’s the really interesting reading on the “Internetmonk”; as well as a couple new friends, Stan McCullars’ blog “Just After Sunrise” and “New Leaven” from TC Robinson.

Zondervan Academic brings us some group blogging on the “Koinonia” blog; and Tyndale House Publishing does as well with their “NLT Blog” and the “NLT Study Bible Blog”. And wrapping up the list is one called “Scripture Zealot” from a new friend who just calls himself Jeff.

I hope you enjoy!

PS. In case you hadn’t noticed, I changed the blog template and appearance. I hope you like the new look.