We hear it on the radio; we see it on TV; we read it in the newspapers and on the internet: Barack Obama has “a commanding lead” in the “race” for the presidency.

Never mind that it’s not a race, it’s an election. The fact is that Senator Obama apparently has a good chance to become the next president of the United States. And that is a frightening prospect for me and for many, many other people. Even long-time Democrats have told me that he scares them!

The guy is a downright captivator! People think he is some kind of messiah, who will save America and the world! If you try and tell them otherwise, they just call you names and shout you down.

I have personally noticed his arrogance and his tendency to believe his own hype.

And I just got done reading a short article that said that if he is elected, he will act within days to silence his critics, through unconstitutional executive acts, which will go unchallenged.

I fear for the future of this country if Barack Obama wins the presidency.

But what if he does? What if Obama does silence his critics? What if he starts off his presidency the way he promised, by signing into law an act which will reinstate partial birth abortions and make abortion for any reason at any time perfectly legal? What if President Obama signs hate crime legislation that makes it a crime to preach from the pulpit that homosexuality is a sin? What if Obama and his supporters raise our taxes and create a socialist workers’ state out of the good ol’ USA? (You do know he’s a Marxist, don’t you?)

What if?

We’re just a short step away from losing our freedom of religion in this country. Obama could be the one to make that law.

So … what if this becomes a nightmare for evangelical Christians? What if?

Are we looking at the waters that are rising around our ankles? Or are we fixing our eyes on Jesus?

Whatever happens in this election and the days after it, we are all in the hands of Almighty God. Are you one of His children, so you will be safe in the arms of your Father?

More importantly, if you are one of His, are you looking to Him as your protector and guide through such perilous times, or are you gazing with fear on the possibilities of what might happen?

Keep your eyes on Jesus! Trust Him and Him alone! Don’t put your faith in human institutions. We are approaching a watershed moment in history. Don’t be found on the wrong side!