Rich Tatum at Blog Rodent has let us know that the news is now out: Zondervan is buying Bible Gateway and Gospel Communications. (I seem to have gotten the hint that Rich actually works for Zondervan, so this news is almost right from the horse’s mouth!)

Personally, I think this is great news! Zondervan is a mighty presence in Bible and Christian publishing, and they have pledged to keep Bible Gateway the best it can be, and this apparently includes making Zondervan commentaries available on Bible Gateway as well as the traditional old commentaries that are in the public domain.

Here’s a short excerpt of the announcement Rich made on his own website:

And, really, it’s just like putting peanut butter in your chocolate to mix a Bible gateway with a major publisher of Bibles and related materials (commentaries, exegetical tools, Bibles studies, curriculum, devotionals, and on-and-on).

I only hope that we keep the spirit of the original Bible Gateway’s mission alive and that it remains one of the most truly useful online Bibles ever created.