Well, actually it’s not really the first, since we had some snow flurries a couple weeks ago, but this is the first snow that has actually stayed on the ground this fall.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and looked out the window to see about an inch of snow which had stayed on the grass, the roof, the deck, and on the cars. Fortunately it did not stay on the streets or the sidewalks.

At least we live in south-central Minnesota and not out in western South Dakota! I heard they got some 45 inches of snow out there, and there are snow drifts reaching 10 to 12 feet high! I’m not ready for that kind of stuff!

It’s still snowing as I write this, very lightly, and it’s melting as soon as it hits the street. The Weather Channel says it should continue today, off and on, and into tomorrow, with very little accumulation if any.

Someday soon we’ll get real winter. But this will more than suffice for now.