I’ve decided on this new blog to go with a new item called RefTagger, which comes to us from Logos Bible Software. I think it’s pretty neat!

Whenever I write a Bible reference, like John 3:16, or Psalm 1:1-3, it automatically links to the passage, so when you hover over it with your cursor a little box will pop up so you can read what that verse says.

I have the RefTagger on this blog set to the TNIV, but there are many different translations it can be set to. They even make a control panel available that you can put on your blog, that allows the reader to set the RefTagger to whatever translation the reader prefers, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make it show up here properly. If and when I do, I will put that feature here on my blog, too.

If you’d like RefTagger on your blog, click on this link and the good folks at Logos will give you the code!

NOTICE: RefTagger does not work on WordPress.com blogs, that’s why it doesn’t work here. It can be used, however, on WordPress.org blogs.