I’m on the Minnesota UMC Annual Conference mailing list, and so I get the conference news, and also frequent links to remind me of the bishop’s blog. Our bishop is Sally Dyck, a far-left liberal of the type that make up the vast majority of the UMC council of bishops. I do read her blog, usually to get some handle on her own thoughts, but also to get thoughts in the comments from clergy and other laypeople in our conference.

The bishop posted an entry in the last couple days inviting comments from us about how we view the hopes and dreams for the upcoming Obama administration in Washington. It didn’t make any difference whether we voted for or against the president-elect, and I was dumb enough to hold out a small olive branch to others in the conference.

Then as I was reading later comments, I came across a long, lo-o-o-ng comment from a man who pastors a UM church in Duluth; a man who had recently been considered for the office of Bishop himself. I was at first shocked, then extremely frustrated by what I read. People like this are absolutely blatant, fawning before their bishop. They are so full of their own liberalism that they wouldn’t know the Gospel of Jesus Christ if it hit them smack dab on the forehead. I don’t know why the bishop even tries. This kind of garbage makes a mockery of her attempt at real dialogue. These are just “yes-men”.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. This is a short excerpt from this guy’s comment:

As Christians we have a dream, a dream of justice rolling down like waters, a dream of justice and peace embracing, a dream of a time when people from all nations and groups will stream together into a new world. My favorite phrase for the kingdom of God is God’s dream for the world. God’s dream for the world is at the heart of our faith, a dream of justice, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, compassion, beauty, love.

Is that a great example of liberal groupthink, or what?

Maybe I’m just out-of-place because I’m a historical dispensationalist in a liberal, amillennialist church. But whatever. I had to vent.