I thought the first black president was Bill Clinton.

Obama isn’t even half black, is he?

In the past, I supported Alan Keyes for president, but I always said he was too black and too Christian to ever be elected. And he wasn’t.

Now we have a man who isn’t very black and is only a nominal Christian. Yet 96% of all black voters voted for him, simply because he’s (partially) black. Most of them wouldn’t have darkened a circle or pulled a lever in the voting booth for Alan Keyes now, would they? And he’s far blacker than Obama.

The black voters have betrayed their principles and instead went for “groupthink”. They have committed racism in a major way in this election year, and we whites are the ones who are supposed to be racist.

If there were a man of Norwegian descent running for president of the United States, in the minds of 96% of the black voters I should support that Norwegian no matter what his policies might be, because I am half Norwegian.

Are these sour grapes? Am I a poor loser? I’m sorry, but for so many years I have assumed that the black population of the US had minds of their own. I guess I was wrong.

Then again, Maybe these are thoughts I shouldn’t put into words.