Over on my favorite discussion board we have several members who use the King James Version almost exclusively. They’re quick to point out that, while they may believe the KJV is the best translation, they’re not militant KJV-ONLY types. One of them has told me that he uses the KJV because it’s the version he grew up with, he’s comfortable with it, he understands it, and it’s cheap because it’s in the public domain.

Basically, he’s used to it.

Now that board is not KJV-only either. We prohibit that kind of nonsense. All different translations of the Bible which are in relatively common use today are acceptable to use on that board.

In much the same way, I am finding myself becoming “used to” the TNIV. Since I am on a hiatus from teaching, I am no longer considering the varying translations with an eye towards which one may be the best for my students and myself to be using in our study. Instead, I am looking at which ones I am most comfortable with … myself!

When I first quit teaching a few weeks ago, I began “trying out” translations that I used to use most frequently, including the NKJV, the NASB, and the NIV, among others. Well, the NKJV dropped first – too archaic, too hard to understand, and I don’t care much for the Textus Receptus. I began to settle down with the NASB, but again it was a matter of not appreciating the archaisms and the difficulty of understanding certain passages. The NLT I find too paraphrastic for my tastes. I like something with a little more familiarity, and so the natural choice seemed to be the NIV.

Now I like the NIV a lot. It’s all so familiar. But there are times when I would read along and come across something that didn’t seem quite right, because I am also very familiar now with the TNIV’s corrections of the NIV. And that’s when it hit me – I should be using the TNIV!

So now that’s what I’m using for all my personal Bible reading. It’s the translation I’m carrying to church now, too.

And I’m assured by our friend Rick Mansfield that IBS and Zondervan have not given up on the TNIV, and we will very soon be seeing their new advertising campaigns for new manifestations of the TNIV. And he should know. Rick seems to have an “in” of some sort with the folks at Zondervan.

So I’m confident that the Bible I’m using isn’t going to go away soon; all the more reason to use it!