Dr. Jim West (new to my blogroll) has challenged all bibliobloggers to put a picture of their desktop on their blog, so here’s mine:

What’s that Jim? That’s not what you meant?

Oh, you want to see what’s on the desktop of my computer! Well why didn’t you say so?!

Right now I’m using a simple blue field with the icons over on the left side.

Actually, I’m glad you brought this up. Since I took over this computer from my co-worker a couple months ago I haven’t done anything with the desktop, but when I was using my own computer (which I no longer have) I used to find some beautiful pictures at a website called Northern Images, a site owned by a Christian brother up in Duluth, Minnesota who is a photographer by trade. He travels all over northern Minnesota, especially the arrowhead region, taking pictures of God’s marvelous creation.

I guess I’m gonna have to get some nice picture here on this computer now, huh?