I don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing here over the coming week or so. I’m only working two days this week, today and tomorrow. I’ll be helping my lovely wife on Wednesday as we prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday, when we’ll cram all twelve members of our family (wife and me, son, three daughters, spouses, boyfriend, two grandchildren, and the dog) into our single-wide mobile home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Our shop is also closed on Friday, and then comes the weekend. And since I no longer have a computer in my home, that means I will most likely have precious little opportunity to do any blogging between Tuesday and next Monday.

I’m at work today, of course, and while we have a few things to do, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time sitting here at this ol’ computer, mostly reading blogs! Man, some of you guys do a lot of writing! I get so busy reading your blogs, I hardly find the time to write here on my own! My gosh, our friend Dr. Jim West has already written seven posts on his blog today! Talk about prolific!

I have a few ideas I want to write about, when I find the time and gather my thoughts. One of the more interesting things is a Bible my wife picked up for me at a local thrift store last Friday — the Readers Digest Illustrated Condensed Bible — a real curiosity! I’ll try and take a few pictures of it to include in my post, when I get around to it!

Of course, the way things are going, you’ll probably have to wait until some time next week before I manage to write that story.

Oh, another thing. At my age, I sometimes get great ideas for something to write about, and then in a couple days I forget them.

Now, what was I getting ready to do?…