I was reading my Good News Perspective newsletter in my e-mail yesterday, and i came across this:

NEW WESLEY STUDY BIBLE COMES OUT FEBRUARY, 2009 — Kudos to the folks at the United Methodist Publishing House for what will be one of the most exciting new resources for the Wesleyan Family in some time. Abingdon’s new The Wesley Study Bible is at the printer right now and will be available for purchase this coming February.

The new Bible study resource was produced by a team headed by general editors Dr. Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary and for many years professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, and Bishop William H. Willimon, the resident bishop of the Birmingham Area of the United Methodist Church.

The text for the new study Bible is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) and the work boasts a number of special features including: comprehensive study notes on the NRSV text by 50 biblical scholars, written life application and inspiration by over 50 key pastors, easy-to-understand explanations of core terms by over 60 Wesley scholars—terms such as eternal life, forgiveness, grace, heaven, holiness, justice, and mission, extended reference to works by John Wesley, and 19 pages of full-color maps and more.

Traditionalist and evangelical United Methodists will be much encouraged to see the list of the contributors to the project.

A tip for wise buyers. Abingdon is offering a pre-publication discount price of $24.95 on the volume, which will retail for $39.00. For more information, check out the web site at:LINK

So I clicked on the link, and then a couple more, and I found this:

Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Date: 02/2009
Binding: Other
ISBN-10: 0687645034
ISBN-13: 9780687645039
Retail Price: $39.00
Sale Price $24.95
General Editor: Joel B. Green
William H. Willimon


The Wesley Study Bible

Love God with a warmed heart. Serve God with active hands.

Lead an abundant life, grow as a faithful disciple, and find new avenues to serve. By studying the Wesley Study Bible you will share God’s grace and find the good gifts God has for you. As God transforms you through study, you will be inspired to transform the world. Contributors from across the Wesleyan family join together to help you experience God in fresh ways. Visit the website! View the sampler.

Special Features:

Comprehensive study notes on NRSV text by over 50 biblical scholars

Accessibly written life application and inspiration by over 50 key pastors

Easy-to-understand explanations of core terms by over 60 Wesley experts, including: eternal life, forgiveness, grace, heaven, holiness, justice, and mission

Extended reference to works by John Wesley

19 pages of full-color maps; cross references; and summary of each biblical book

7″ x 9-/18″ trim size with a 9.75 font

There is also a link on the page that will give you a pdf file, a free sampler of what the Wesley SB is going to look like, including the entire text and notes on the Book of James.

If you’re part of the Wesleyan tradition, you’ll be very interested in this new Bible. And if you’re not a Methodist, Wesleyan, Nazarene, etc., you may still be interested in this Bible for it’s Wesleyan point of view.

It’s coming out in February, but Cokesbury is running a pre-publication sale. You can pre-order it for only $29.95. (CBD is showing it at $34.95. They also have a larger image, and it says “imitation leather”. The way it looks, my guess is that it’s the nice new soft leather-like material that is becoming so common.)

I know I’m interested!