Everybody seems to be way out ahead of me on these reviews lately, and I really don’t have a whole lot to add to what has already been said by others.

The Study Guide I got to review was Tyndale’s Gospel of John study guide. It includes the full text of the Gospel from the NLT, along with the full study notes from the NLT Life Application Study Bible for John. And then in the back there are questions for use in a small group Bible study; or you can use them in your own Bible study if you wish. They are thought-provoking and would work very well in a small group setting. I will definitely consider using these study guides in my next Bible study class. Not only do they make it easier for the teacher, but they confront the class members with questions that will make them think deeply about their own faith and lives.

As for the study notes from the LASB, it can almost get tiring to see the constant evangelical, probing questions and statements that the reader is confronted with, but they are done extremely well, and I don’t think they would be particularly annoying to the baby Christian. In fact, they would probably get the feeling they are really starting to dig deeply into the scriptures and applying them to their lives, and I think that’s a good thing…a very good thing! And it’s always a good thing for those of us who consider ourselves to be “farther along” to answer these questions for ourselves, too. In fact, I found I actually learn a thing or two from these notes! 😉

And of course, the NLT is now easily considered to be state-of-the-art in new Bible translations. It really makes the scriptures come alive! It’s gotta be one of the very best translations for new Christians, and it’s great for us oldies, too!

If you’re leading a Bible study of people who have walked many years with the Lord, this may not be the best material for you…but then again, how many of us don’t need to be confronted with applying it to our lives? Give it a try. You might be surprised!