I now have in my possession a new Bible … well, it’s new to me anyway. It is new, because it’s a TNIV and they’re all still new, aren’t they?

But the one I just received is about a year old. It’s the new TNIV Reference Bible, the first model they came out with last year with the bonded leather cover. I got it from a fellow blogger who wanted to give it a new home after receiving his new “Renaissance Leather” TNIV Reference Bible. I now own three TNIVs, two of which I have received for free from other bloggers. Isn’t that neat? It’s one of the great things about blogging, the wonderful friends you can make here.

The new Bible is obviously used, but clearly not abused. There is some wear that is easily seen, but since this is a Smyth-sewn Bible it should still give me a number of years of good use yet. I know the other blogger had used this Bible regularly, perhaps even heavily, over the past year, so I expected some wear. He even warned me that there may even be a few notes written here and there, but so far I haven’t found any.

Now I’m not going to do a regular review of this Bible; the Lord knows we’ve all read enough of those. But I would like to say that there’s nothing quite like actually holding a Bible in your hands and using it. I can look at the translation all I want on the internet, and I can look at online examples all I want as well, but it’s just not the same. In actually holding and reading this Bible, I am finding I really kind of like the single wide column of text. It’s not so wide that your eyes have to seek for the correct line when you come back to the beginning, like I was afraid I might have to do. The horizontal and vertical lines that set off the text from the notes do exactly that, making for easier reading and comprehension. The font is slightly on the small size, but not to the point that I am uncomfortable with it. And while I’m still rambling, I really, really like not having that awful red ink ruining my reading experience!

So to my fellow blogger who gave me this fine Bible, and to all my fellow bloggers who are fortunate to have received the new Renaissance Leather version, I wish you many years of pleasurable use. As for me, I’m gonna get hopefully several years of good hard use out of this “new” one!