Every once in a while I get somebody on this blog who seems nice and has something interesting to say, but when we finally get down to it, he’s peddling something (and I don’t mean a bike!)

The spammers who ply these blogs are sometimes very sharp. This one today had a link to what first seemed like a long article exegeting the Ten Commandments. It turned into several articles; and they all were trying to tell me that there is more to the Ten Commandments than we think, and that we can all keep them if we try. I got a little suspicious.

When I arrived at the end of the articles, there was a link to this guy’s website, which was obviously a prosperity gospel site.

So I came back here and deleted the comment – tossed it in the garbage – placed it in file 13.

The Sundry Times is not a place to peddle your wares, no matter how sneaky you are.

So once again I want to give you this reminder: Spammers will not be allowed here. Your comments will be deleted without notice when detected.

And that includes people who are peddling unorthodox theology.

This is my blog, not yours.

You have been warned.