I always thought that was a kind of silly phrase.

But it does seem to describe what I am going through these days. Maybe it’s a bit of burnout. We’re seeing a lot of that here on these like-minded blogs. Stan McCullars, ElShaddai Edwards, and a few others have simply shut down their blogs for the time being. I hope they will be back.

I have considered doing the same thing. As you probably are aware, I shut down my old blog, “A Friend of Christ” some time ago and started this one. That was one manifestation of my discomfort. That came a few months after my decision to stop trying to teach adult Bible study classes in my local church. That was clearly burnout, too. I have recently thought long and hard about following my peers off into the sunset even on this blog, but at this point I’m still fairly comfortable doing this.

What I am dealing with, however, is a strange discontent with my main Bible translations – the ones I use the most. I had settled very comfortably on the TNIV a few weeks ago as my #1 translation, with the NLT a close #2. But in the last couple of weeks I have become discontented and unsettled. Maybe it’s just this cold Minnesota winter. Or maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis. Whatever it is, here I am.

I am starting to “wimp out” on the TNIV. I had relegated the NLT to second place because I was, and remain, a little uncomfortable with the NLT’s “explanatory” additional words. It’s still a great #2, but I can’t put it any higher.

But I’m “wimping out” on the TNIV. I’m tired of the controversy. I’m tired of the side-ways glances from my Bible study friends when they see what I’m carrying. Even when I tell them what a great new translation it is and how superior it is to the NIV, it’s even sounding hollow to me. I do like it. I think for accuracy in conveying the message of the scripture, it compares very well with the NASB (which was a groundbreaking translation for me.)

But I’m getting tired and impatient. Even Zondervan seems to be pushing it off onto the back burner.

So until the publishers get with the program and start pushing the TNIV as the great new translation that it is, I’m gonna wimp out and go back to my tried-and-true NASB 1995 update. I can’t use the ESV; I won’t use the NRSV; and the NKJV is nearly out of the question. But the NASB … now there’s a Bible!

And I don’t need to be on the cutting edge any more. I’m not teaching any more … for now anyway. I still have those other translations and I can still recommend them and use them in my own study.

But as long as Zondervan is gonna wimp out, so am I!