I am toying, once again I might add, with buying a new ESV Bible. Even more important, I’m toying with the idea of using it.

The whole misinformation campaign by the ESV supporters is still gnawing at me a little. They really did damage to the TNIV, its translation team, and those who had hoped to profit from publishing it. I don’t know yet if the TNIV will survive to become a major translation.

But in a way, that’s water under the bridge. As a consumer I have to consider what is on the market, not what I wish was on the market. The TNIV has some models available, mostly for the kids and people with eyes that are not afflicted with presbyopia. I personally have been using their TNIV XL in black bonded leather with finger indexing. It’s the only version of the TNIV I have seen that I can easily read. But the XL has been mostly discontinued. As far as I know it’s only available in hardback any more. I have nearly given up on the TNIV Reference Bible because the type is simply too small for me to read comfortably for any length of time. Supposedly the publishers are planning on continuing with the TNIV, which I take it will mean more models with more features, including larger type. But I also hear hints that the TNIV will simply be holding on by its fingernails for years to come, as a poor step-child of the NIV.

The ESV has profited greatly from the misinformation campaign. They have a veritable plethora of ESV Bibles available on the market. (I always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence!) You can find an ESV Bible in almost any style you like, with type sizes ranging from microscopic up to HUGE!

The biggest problem I have with the ESV now is its archaic, and sometimes awkward, language. There have been some changes made recently, though. I think…I think…that it has been revised enough to affect the readability. But you know, I’m really no ESV expert. I have been reading recently on the ESV Daily Office widget you can see over in my sidebar, and it does seem to be a clearer translation than I remember. And one thing I notice when I read the ESV is that it’s easier to read and comprehend than some other formal translations, like the NASB and NKJV. Yet it still uses enough of my “secondary” vocabulary that it kind of exercises my mind as I read, enough to make for a pleasant reading experience, but not enough to confuse me and give me a headache.

Yes, I’m toying. I can’t hardly believe it myself, but I am toying.