Today, the House passed, and President Obama signed, the Children’s Health Insurance bill. It appears to be a major first step in the liberals’ plan to have the government provide health care for all Americans from cradle to grave. In this new law, the states will be able to provide health insurance for millions of children, including immigrants, below a certain age and within certain income guidelines.

Obviously, this new law falls far short of what they really want.

Now I consider myself to be a very conservative guy. My first and second votes in national elections were for Ronald Reagan, votes I am very proud of. I am generally in agreement with the long-standing Republican position that the government has no business intruding in our lives.

However, I am keenly aware that we have come into a health care/insurance crisis in this country. The cost of health care has risen, and is continuing to rise, so rapidly that only the very rich can afford to go to the doctor unless they have health insurance. And the cost of health insurance, too, has risen so much and so fast that businesses can no longer provide the coverage their employees need. That leaves not only the poor, but most of the so-called middle class unable to provide health coverage for themselves. The cost is simply too exorbitant. For many of us it’s either pay for food and a roof over your head, or buy health insurance. So most of us are forgoing the health insurance.

This crisis needs a solution. But what is it?

There are all sorts of schemes out there for people to save money in order to pay for health care. But the costs continue to rise rapidly.

If the Federal government were to step in and take over the health care industry, it would mean extremely high taxes for all of us, and the quality of health care has been shown repeatedly to suffer under government control. Yet, if the government should take control and nationalize health care, that would mean health care for all, even if it’s not as good as we would wish for.

Is that the solution?

If it isn’t, what is?