I’ve moved in a slightly different direction on the blog, with my new tendency towards posting things more political in nature. It’s a natural for a conservative like me to react to things happening in a liberal White House and a liberal Congress, and so I would expect to be posting more of such stuff in the coming months and even years.

However … it’s way too easy for me, a Christian, to get my eyes off the Lord Jesus and onto the nation’s problems; and especially easy to get my eyes on a perceived conservative savior of the nation, if one should happen to come along.

So I ask you, dear reader, to keep watch over me. If I turn away from the Lord and look only at the problems and people of politics, give me a gentle nudge … no, make that a good whop over the head with a 2X4!… and get me back in line! Help me to keep my eyes on the Savior, or I may sink beneath the waves that swirl about me.